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THE MAN COMPANY Derma Roller for Men with 540 (0.5 mm) Micro-Needles (1 g)


  • For Men
  • Form: Roller
  • For Exfoliation


Want accelerated scalp and beard growth? Just one effective tool is all you need! Activate your scalp and beard with The Man Company’s incredibly safe to use and effective Derma Roller. A newly-introduced hand-held device specially designed for superior handling. It has 540 (0.5 mm) needles that create micro-punctures on the surface of your scalp & beard to bring sleeping follicles back to life. The micro-needles penetrate just deep enough to boost growth and increase blood circulation and supply of collagen, efficiently improving hair health. We recommend using it twice weekly to achieve desired results. This scientifically-backed product is sure to deal with patchiness, slow hair growth and hair fall troubles.